Learn Italian words: lo sport in italiano (e in Italia)

What is the Italian for “sport”?

Well, you don’t need to study abroad in Italy to know this: it is, simply, sport (both in its singular and plural form, as all the foreign words that have entered Italian language: lo sport, gli sport). A fact that you might find surprising, though, is that there is also a native Italian word, and that actually  during the early days of the fascist years, when foreign words were banned, the regime unsuccessfully tried to impose the use of its Italian equivalent, diporto. But fear not, diporto didn’t prevail on its better know counterpart: as of today nobody needs to use it anymore and neither do you while speaking Italian, unless you are talking about yachts and/or you want to sound unreasonably old fashioned.

Best way to learn Italian? Practice sports!


Well, you might not want to get THAT competitive.

When someone asks me tips about how to learn Italian fast, my answer is usually: enroll in an Italian language school (preferrably in Rome), take Italian lessons, explore the culture while studying in Italy and… practice sports with locals. The reason behind this counter-intuitive advice is simple: the language used while, let’s say, playing football is simple, sharp, straightforward and entirely action-oriented: a true “communicative bomb”!

Learn Italian words online: sports edition.

Before subscribing to the local gym or joining a futsal team, though, you might want to refine your knowldege of the most used Italian words for sports and physical activities. Find below a brand new infographic containing a portion of the Italian vocabulary related to sports, plus few useful information about the most practiced sports in Italy. Enjoy!




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