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Useful information for foreign students: institutional sites and Italian L2 schools in Italy

Institutional Site

Below are some Institutional Sites that can be consulted to find out more about entering Italy on a Study Visa or on a Tourist Visa.

LICET Schools

The LICET Schools Association brings together more than 40 small and medium-sized Italian schools for foreigners in Italy, from large cities of art to small towns and seaside resorts.

Learning Italian in Italy at one of the LICET Schools is a guarantee of a high standard training offer, a teaching method focused on the students of Italian language and their needs and training courses dedicated to the discovery of the Italian language and culture.

Usa l’elenco di scuole di italiano per stranieri in Italia che trovi di seguito per scegliere, tra le scuole di italiano L2 LICET, quella che fa per te!


Scuola Conte Ruggiero
Conte Ruggiero School has been organizing Italian courses for foreigners in Calabria since 1984. The Italian school is immersed in the greenery of a magnificent orange grove and offers not only all the facilities for a better language learning but also a very inviting context for those who have chosen to spend holidays and learn Italian in a relaxing environment in contact with nature. The courses are recognized by the Ministry of Education and meet high quality standards. All language levels are guaranteed with reference to the Common European Framework (A1 - A2 - B1 - B2 - C1 - C2).


Studio Italiano Tropea
Studio Italiano Tropea is a training center that offers linguistic and recreational services for adults. In business since 2003, the school is open to anyone interested in deepening the Italian language and culture at 360 degrees.
The mission of Studio Italiano Tropea is to let you taste a part of Calabria, "La Costa degli Dei", not only through the Italian courses, but also and above all through the culinary experiences and a wide choice of excursions, always considering two important factors: relaxation and fun in an absolutely informal environment and a friendly atmosphere. In short, a unique combination of vacation and "exploration".


Open all year round, the Italian school for foreigners Italianopoli is located in an ancient seventeenth-century building in the heart of the historic center of Naples. Through a wide range of courses and cultural activities, the student has the opportunity to get to know an authentic and extremely lively reality made up of craft shops, popular markets, folklore, art and culture. For those who want to discover Naples in depth, the Italian courses of Italianopoli represent the key to access this local reality so complex and articulated. The school offers courses of all types, individual and group, in classes of up to 6 students and divided into 10 levels, customized as much as possible to best meet the interests and needs of the student. In addition to this type of offer, Italianopoli offers special courses, of a more markedly cultural nature, such as cooking courses, Neapolitan art and Italian cinema, and cultural activities (seminars and excursions).


NaCLIPS is an Italian school for foreigners in Naples and promotes the development and teaching of the Italian language and culture through its educational and cultural activities. Learning a new language does not only mean knowing how to reproduce sounds and knowing their grammar, but acquiring full mastery and awareness of them.
The highly qualified NaCLIPS teachers are able to offer an all-encompassing and meaningful teaching experience, which focuses on both the grammatical and cultural aspects in a young and welcoming context. Whoever teaches never stops learning! In fact, the school organizes training days for teachers of Italian and future teachers, to keep up to date. The L2 NaCLIPS Italian school is located in the center of Naples, a few meters from the Metro Toledo stop.

Emilia Romagna

Academya Lingue
Academya Languages is an Italian language school for foreigners based in Bologna (Italy) with the aim of promoting the Italian language and culture through the organization of Italian language courses (L2) and extracurricular activities with both a recreational and cultural focus. The school - recognized by the MIUR-Directorate General E.R. and chosen by the University of Bologna as the Language School of the International Program - it comes from a proven experience in teaching the Italian language and culture to foreign students of all ages and geographical origins, without distinction of gender, ethnicity, language, culture, religion, sexual orientation, political opinions, personal and social conditions.

Rimini Academy
Rimini Academy is located in Rimini, on the Adriatic coast. Rimini Academy offers a wide range of Italian courses for foreigners: it is possible to enroll in group or individual courses, general or intensive, suitable for all the needs of the participants. For some years, Rimini Academy has specialized in organizing language trips for school groups and collaborates with many institutes and schools in Europe and around the world. The teachers of the school are professionals in teaching the Italian language and have years of experience in the sector, also gained abroad and through continuous refresher courses and seminars. The accommodation of the students during their stay is particularly taken care of: the school recommends accommodation with selected families who follow the students with particular care and competence and offer good services.

Scuola Palazzo Malvisi
Palazzo Malvisi School, a school of Italian for foreigners based in Bagno di Romagna, was founded in 1981 and is a highly regarded school for teaching the Italian language. For many years the school has offered a wide choice of Italian language and culture courses in small groups. The courses are intensive and the experienced and enthusiastic teachers are constantly available to the students. The cozy, intimate and relaxed atmosphere allows you to learn the language quickly and pleasantly. At the Palazzo Malvisi School, the Italian language is not only learned in the classroom but also lived and breathed outside, every day and at all times, in contact with the friendly and cordial locals. In addition to the standard courses, the school offers special courses (Italian and cooking, Italian and trekking, Italian and spa, etc.) which are an ideal combination of learning in the classroom and outside the classroom.

Tiberius International
Tiberius International is an Italian language school for foreigners, recognized by the Ministry of Education and accredited by the University for Foreigners of Siena for Ditals exams, based in Rimini since 1994. The Institute is located in the historic center, in an area characteristic, pulsating with city life and full of bars, restaurants, theaters, shops and much more. Italian language and culture come together in the city of Federico Fellini and the Dolce Vita! The school offers group and individual courses for students of all ages, as well as a wide range of cultural and recreational activities.
The teaching method is oriented to the development of communication skills, the goal is to involve students and welcome them in a relaxing environment.


Kappa Language School
Kappa Language School was born in Rome from the initiative of a group of young linguists and teachers who have been working with passion in the field of teaching Italian to foreigners for years and has been a PLIDA Certification Center (Dante Alighieri Society) since 2012. The school, based in the characteristic Rione Monti, offers a friendly environment, young and trained teaching staff, competitive prices. The Italian lessons are held in small groups and with a personalized syllabus; furthermore, the school offers maximum flexibility in terms of dates and times. The Italian lessons, held by mother tongue teachers, aim at the development of all language skills, with particular attention to the enhancement of communication skills. Classroom teaching is also accompanied by extra-curricular activities aimed at encouraging oral production as well as knowledge of Italian culture.


Scudit Scuola d’Italiano is an institute in Rome specializing in teaching the Italian language and culture to foreigners. The main characteristic of the school is that of considering the language as the most faithful expression of Italian culture: you cannot speak Italian without somehow "thinking in Italian" and without immersing yourself, as far as possible, in that set of elements that characterize behavioral models and thought systems typical of the Italian style of life. For this reason, in addition to language lessons from level A1 up to specialization courses, the school organizes a series of pleasant extra-linguistic activities always of high cultural depth. The teaching, developed by the director of the school Roberto Tartaglione, therefore aims to provide all the skills necessary to communicate fluently in Italian without neglecting to give weight to formal and grammatical correctness.


Scuola Romit
Romit is a school based in Rome and specialized in teaching Italian to foreigners from all over the world. The school is made up of young teachers who have made this profession their greatest passion.
Romit's Italian courses are designed to meet the needs of students and are conducted with different methodologies, from the discursive communicative one to the grammatical normative one. Students are encouraged to improve their language skills through simulations of everyday life experiences in which grammar, vocabulary and communication can be combined.


Amalelingue is a language school based in Genoa, specializing in teaching Italian to foreigners motivated to achieve cultural, professional or educational goals.
The Amalelingue school is characterized by small classes, which favor a more direct contact with students and their needs, and by a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The staff of the L2 Italian school is made up of specialized and experienced teachers, able to interact with students of various ages and backgrounds.


ELLCI Milano is an Italian language school for foreigners accredited by the Lombardy Region. The Italian school is open all year round and is located in the center of Milan.
ELLCI is characterized by a welcoming and peaceful environment and by teachers with a long experience in teaching Italian as a second language. Based on the communicative approach, the teaching method allows you to talk and interact from the first days of lessons. ELLCI is a CELI exam center (certificate of knowledge of the Italian language) of the University for Foreigners of Perugia. The courses include guided tours in and around Milan with an Italian teacher and tour guide and other supplementary activities such as theater, literature, fashion, art and dance workshops.


Istituto Dante Alighieri Milano
With more than 90 years of specific experience in teaching Italian to foreign students, the Dante Alighieri Institute in Milan offers a wide range of courses to meet all needs. Authorized CILS Exam Center, collaborates closely with the "DITALS Center" of the University for Foreigners of Siena and with important Italian Academies of Music, Art, Fashion and Design. The school is located in the center of Milan and avails itself of the collaboration of mother tongue teachers, graduates, qualified and with specific multi-year experience. The teaching method is the result of a consolidated experience and, while adopting a communicative approach, it constantly stimulates the student to reflect on linguistic and grammatical mechanisms. The Institute organizes a wide variety of cultural activities for its students, such as guided tours of the city, excursions to the lakes or to nearby cities, visits to museums or musical evenings, aperitifs and dinners.


Campus Magnolie
In 1990 the first statute of the school of Italian for foreigners in Castelraimondo was written, the creator of the project is Pierpaolo Casoni. In the first two years, the school offers preparation courses for foreign freshmen from the University of Camerino. In 1993 a study holiday program was created that combines the study of the Italian language and culture with excursions to the most beautiful Italian cities. Today, led by the didactic director Daniele Donati, in addition to classroom lessons and numerous excursions, the Italian school L2 Campus Magnolie offers itinerant lessons in medieval villages, during which students are involved in targeted activities and have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of the place. The structures of the Magnolie Campus are designed on the model of a university campus: in the same complex there are both the lodgings and the classrooms. About 28,000 students from 97 countries have been to Castelraimondo in recent years.


Centro Studi Italiani
Founded in 1985, the Centro Studi Italiani is an Italian language and culture school for foreigners. Since its foundation the school has hosted over 16,000 international students from 121 countries around the world. The historical site is located in Urbania (Marche region), while since 2011 Italian language and culture courses have also been offered in Milan and from 2018, with the acquisition of the Scuola Tricolore, the training offer also extends to Genoa.
The Centro Studi Italiani offers language courses for all levels, preparatory courses for admission to Italian universities, the Academies of Fine Arts and Conservatories, Italian opera programs, artistic craft courses and cultural trips to Italy. The Centro Studi Italiani is also a partner of numerous international university institutions. The programs are flexible, varied, customizable; the classes are intentionally small to allow better interaction between students and at the same time receive personalized attention from the teaching staff.


The Edulingua Laboratory is an Italian language and culture school specializing in the organization of study holidays in Italy for international students, based in the city of San Severino, in the Marche Region. Founded in 2008, the school organizes intensive courses in Italian language and culture and specialized courses throughout the year. Edulingua also integrates study paths with itinerant learning activities, guided tours and excursions to the most famous cities in the Region and throughout Italy; the school also organizes a large calendar of recreational events aimed at socializing among students and informal learning in various practical contexts.


Italiano & Co
Scuola Italiano & Co. is a language and culture school in Italy based in Macerata, in the Marche region, central Italy. It was born from the passion of the founders towards culture, the Italian language. Starting from many years of experience in teaching Italian for foreigners and the belief that "teaching" means "exchanging" experiences and knowledge, we want to help spread Italian L2; enhance and promote the beauties that Italy offers to foreigners; to bring Italian language students closer to the eno-gastronomic and popular traditions of Central Italy, and to browse with them through the artistic and naturalistic itineraries of this area.


Scuola Dante Alighieri –Campus L’Infinito
In the heart of Recanati, one of the most famous and fascinating towns in central Italy, the Dante Alighieri school of Italian - Campus L'Infinito is born, a unique experience of linguistic immersion in the place that inspired Giacomo Leopardi's poems and was the birthplace to the great tenor Beniamino Gigli.
The only one of its kind in Italy, the school originates from the collaboration with ELI Edizioni, a leading publishing house in Italy and abroad for the study of languages.
In addition to the Italian courses, the School offers an authentic experience of Italian culture and life thanks to trips and guided tours in the most beautiful cities of the Marche and Italy, fun and interactive experiences, food and wine tastings, workshops and cultural events .
People of all ages, from more than 50 countries around the world, attend Italian language and culture courses at the Dante Alighieri School - Campus L’Infinito.


Scuola Mondavio
The Italian language school for foreigners is located in Mondavio, a beautiful Renaissance town located on a hill surrounded by vineyards and olive groves a few kilometers from the sea, in the Marche region. In this evocative setting, the school has been organizing Italian language and culture courses since 1994 open to foreign students of all ages and nationalities and refresher courses for Italian L2 teachers. It is a small to medium-sized language school where the student is followed with special individual care by specialized teachers with a long experience. The school supports the Italian language and culture courses with a broad and diversified program of leisure activities. The school is located in the historic center of Mondavio, an evocative starting point from which to discover authentic Italian life. The Italian language courses are aimed both at those who want to spend a cultural holiday in the Marche learning how to get by in everyday situations, and at those who want to learn Italian intensively for study or work reasons, with a full immersion program.


Passaporto Italia
Passaporto Italia is a highly qualified school of Italian language and culture that satisfies the growing demand for hospitality, linguistic, cultural, tourist and legal assistance from foreign guests in the city of Bari.
An easy to reach school, in the heart of the city of San Nicola, the protector of students and foreigners. A reference for those who want to learn the Italian language and take certified courses with industry experts. A professional and familiar place, with a very high level of teaching and a deep attention to users.


Porta d’Oriente
The Porta d’Oriente Italian school is based in Otranto, in Puglia, a small seaside town of great historical and artistic importance (Unesco site and in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy).
A city on a human scale, where it is possible to combine total immersion in the language and the magical atmosphere and culture of Southern Italy, with a holiday in one of the most crystalline seas of the Apulian coast. The school offers intensive Italian courses but also special courses such as Italian literature courses, cinema courses, art history courses, legal, economic and medical Italian courses, courses for adults / seniors and for children.


Scuola Messapia
The Messapia school is an Italian language school for foreigners. It is a small school, ideal for ensuring a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, in Galatina, in the heart of Salento, a land that represents an alternative lifestyle choice by offering increasingly sought-after values. Messapia is located in a 17th century palace, where all the stimuli lead to the Italian language and culture. It is not just an Italian school, in fact the stay offers not only the teaching of the language but also the possibility of practicing it constantly through participation in cultural activities that encourage contacts between course participants and the typical Italian environment and make it study of Italian an exciting tool.


Trulli Italian School
Trulli Italian School is an Italian language school in Puglia, in Alberobello, a UNESCO city famous throughout the world for its "trulli". The school organizes Italian language courses for small groups held by highly qualified mother tongue teachers and fantastic cultural immersions in Puglia, for all ages. Cooking classes with locals, tours in the most famous cities, days at the beach, trekking walks, wine tastings and many other incredible experiences in a climate that is stimulating every day!


Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera
Opened in 2004, the Pintadera Mediterranean Center is located in Alghero, a delightful town with a Catalan imprint on the northwest coast of Sardinia. The center provides teaching of the Italian language in a pleasant and stimulating context through a balanced combination of study and leisure. With mother tongue teachers, chosen not only for their teaching skills, but also for their engaging personality, the school offers a wide range of Italian and Sardinian language and culture courses and an innovative course for curious tourists called "AllegraMente". Afternoon activities are offered, as well as many water and land sports (mens sana in corpore sano) with the aim of integrating the student into the local community.
The Pintadera Mediterranean Center is authorized by the University of Siena for the CILS exams.

I like it
I like it is an Italian language school for foreigners located in the center of Olbia, in northern Sardinia. An ancient island, rich in history and traditions and an ideal place to spend a dream vacation among enchanting beaches of fine sand and crystal clear waters. I like it is a perfect opportunity that allows you to combine the relaxation of the beach with the study of the Italian language, discover the variety of its beautiful landscapes and also savor the simple and genuine tastes of its cuisine. The school employs mother tongue teachers, graduates and certificates for teaching the Italian language and culture; it is open all year round and is aimed at students of all ages and nationalities.

The Academy was born in 2003, with the awareness that there are many methods for teaching languages ​​but they are not always valid and effective for all students in the same way. Adults too learn and do it like children, according to their own times and ways. The Montessori approach is in fact based on respect for the individual and their individuality; the teacher's task is to ensure that each individual expresses themselves according to their potential. This is why it is important that the classes are not too numerous, that the environment is familiar and that it allows for independent learning, so that everyone can continue their studies without ever feeling inadequate. The goal is to create an environment that brings down what are called "affective filters" that limit active participation in lessons and therefore in practice and learning. But the environment in which to learn is not just the school one, it is the whole city. This is why the Academy offers experiences, moments to be among the local people, to live with them and like them. And for this Cagliari is the perfect city.

SLANG. Italian in Sardinia & online is a young Italian school for foreigners based in Oristano, which deals with language training and promotion of the Italian cultural heritage. The school is aimed at people who wish to get in touch with Italian and local culture through the study of the Italian language and the discovery of this fascinating part of Sardinia.
Teaching takes place both in the classroom - with CEDILS qualified mother tongue teachers - and outside the school, in real language situations and in contact with the local population.
With the aim of spreading authentic and sustainable tourism. SLANG has created a network of tourist, cultural and productive realities that collaborate in the creation of the offer, providing foreign students with experiences that are a true expression of Sardinia's identity.

Since 2006, the Studitalia Italian school has been offering Italian language and culture courses, accommodation and excursions in Olbia and Costa Smeralda. Studitalia is a small school, which works with very small L2 Italian classes or on an individual basis. The school offers an informal and friendly atmosphere, ideal conditions for rapid linguistic progress and attention to the specific individual needs of the guests. The privileged setting of this cultural experience is Sardinia, where the student combines learning Italian with an unforgettable beach holiday, taking advantage of the many opportunities that the island offers: crystal clear sea, marine parks, wonderful beaches, mountains, traditions, delicious cuisine, hiking, archeology, sports in contact with nature.

Unmareditaliano is a cultural linguistic center designed to combine learning the Italian language with culture and entertainment, in the splendid setting of Pula, the pride of southern Sardinia.
In an absolutely friendly and familiar context, "unmareditaliano" combines, through the use of information technology, the professionalism of the teacher with educational innovation.
The goal is to enhance the multiple forms of communication, from written texts to conversations, to audiovisual supports, without neglecting the liveliest aspect of the language, bringing the lessons among the people, among the streets of Pula in front of a coffee and why no, even in front of the wonderful sea, against the backdrop of the ancient Phoenician-Punic-Roman city of Nora.
The ability to carry out countless cultural, sporting, food and wine, and ecological activities completes the linguistic experience, making it unique and unforgettable.


Centro Studi Lingua Italiana Federico II
The Federico II Italian Language Study Center in Catania, active for several years in the teaching and dissemination of the Italian language and culture, welcomes hundreds of students every year from all over the world curious to discover and get in touch with our beautiful language. . The Italian courses offered, from the pre A1 level to the C2 level, combine teaching with the promotion of the Sicilian territory through the performance of cultural activities aimed at making language learning a path that is not only educational, but above all experiential capable of facilitating, right from first bases, communication thanks to the constant interaction of the teachers.


The Culturforum has been offering Italian Language and Culture Courses for foreigners since 2000: professionalism, quality teaching in an informal and stimulating atmosphere, individual attention, flexibility are the basic principles of the school. The Italian school is located in the historic center of Palermo, a lively city with a thousand-year history.
In Italian L2 lessons in small groups, with a maximum of 8 participants, Culturforum pays particular attention to the development of speaking and listening skills, so that students who learn the Italian language in Italy are able, once out of the classroom, to communicate effectively. The school also offers a rich leisure program which includes visits and excursions, cooking classes and tastings, nature walks and boat rides.


Scuola Virgilio
Since 2006, Scuola Virgilio has been the first and only Italian language school in Trapani, an authentic seaside town on a human scale and central point for a holiday in western Sicily. The school offers private courses in general or specialist Italian all year round;
intensive weeks of Italian for school groups and closed groups; distance lessons; preparation for the CELI exams. From April to October during the long Sicilian summer, Scuola Virgilio's intensive Italian language and culture courses by the sea are the heart of an immersive Italian study stay in Italy, a learning experience for young people, adults and seniors who includes activities such as Italian and Sicilian cooking classes, visits and excursions.


Sicilia Italian Language School
Sicilia Italian Language School is one of the few schools in Palermo that specializes in learning the Italian language for foreigners and that links the Cultural Vacation to the learning of the Italian language. The school reserves all the warmth and simplicity of Sicily for its students to learn the Italian language in a familiar environment and at the same time spend pleasant hours of lessons. The nearby beaches with blue water make the study holiday a wonderful and unforgettable experience.
In addition to a wide range of Italian courses for all levels and all ages, Sicilia Italian Language School wants to offer the opportunity to bring Italianness to life in everyday life through a variety of cultural activities.


The Italian Academy
The Italian Academy in Syracuse (Sicily) offers Italian courses at all levels for students aged 16 and over. The school is located in a noble villa with a large private garden in the archaeological area of the city, between the museum and the famous Catacombs of San Giovanni, a few steps from the sea and the island of Ortigia. All students participating in language courses can participate in the rich weekly program of cultural, social and excursions offered throughout the year.


InFlorence Academy
InFlorence Academy - Eurocentres Florence, founded in 1957 on the initiative of the Eurocentres Foundation and famous for the high professionalism of teachers and staff, is one of the first schools of its kind in Italy. It is housed in Palazzo Guadagni, a prestigious Renaissance building in the historic center. The Standard Italian Language Course is designed to help students develop their language skills (reading, listening, vocabulary, oral expression, grammar and writing skills), while the Intensive Language Course also includes conversation lessons on Italian culture and guided visits to the main museums and art galleries of the city. InFlorence Academy also offers a wide range of practical Italian culture courses (available in Italian and English) such as: Acting for Cinema and Filmmaking, History of Art, Drawing and Painting, Italian Cuisine, Fashion, Italian Opera and Interior Design and Cinema which they can be combined with an Italian language course or even taken alone. All courses can be customized upon request.


Il Sasso
The Italian language school Il Sasso is located in Montepulciano, a beautiful Renaissance town that stands on a hill surrounded by vineyards and olive groves in southern Tuscany. It is a small to medium-sized Italian school with a high quality profile, attended by foreign students of all ages who come from all over the world. It is housed in a historic building in the heart of the city, with 8 large bright classrooms for language courses, individual lessons and culture courses and a room for conferences, exhibitions and events. The Il Sasso Italian School collaborates on a regular basis with international universities and colleges, and is also twinned with a number of Italian language schools around the world.


Istituto Europeo
The European Institute for the dissemination of the Italian language and culture has for many years specialized in teaching the Italian language, art, music and culture as well as internship programs for students from all over the world.
In today's hyper-competitive job market, the IE internship program gives students the opportunity to gain work experience in their field of training, something that for many, an internship abroad will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.
The Institute is not only a language school but also an active cultural center and the student has the opportunity to learn about and study Italian history, art, literature and music, as well as cooking, wine, places and characteristics of an ancient and modern civilization.


Istituto Il David
The Il David Institute is an Italian language school for foreign students, located in the center of Florence and open all year round. It was founded in 1983 and is officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education. In addition to offering a wide range of Italian language courses for any duration, it offers customizable courses and lessons for all needs, Italian culture courses, art and crafts courses, summer courses in Florence and in some Italian seaside resorts, courses for groups school courses, online Italian courses and lessons, extracurricular activities, excursions and trips, holiday packages. It also offers various assistance services to its students such as booking various types of accommodation, study visas and residence permits assistance, transfers, medical insurance and much more. The school is equipped with air conditioning, free wifi connection for its students, and a beautiful terrace from where you can admire a splendid panorama of Florence.


italianme is the innovative Italian language and culture school for foreigners in Florence. The school is located inside the medieval Palazzo Gianfigliazzi, in the heart of Florence, with a panoramic terrace that offers a breathtaking view over the whole city. The location, the structure and all the amenities that the classrooms are equipped with make the school the ideal environment for a cultural and linguistic stay in Italy. italianme was born with a vision: to accompany the student to experience Italian culture and learn Italian in Italy with new eyes, making him feel part of one of the most beautiful and vibrant Italian cities.


Lucca Italian School
The school of Italian language and culture for foreigners Lucca Italian School offers group courses and private lessons of Italian language and culture for students of all ages, Italian L2 courses as preparation for exams, face-to-face and online. The school also organizes cultural activities such as excursions, cooking lessons, nature walks, workshops on Italian cinema, with the aim of giving students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge not only linguistic but also cultural, in a professional and fun environment at the same time. The school is based in a villa with a large garden in the historic center of Lucca, in front of the city walls.


The OrbitLingua School of Italian, based in Orbetello, is a language school open all year round and specialized in teaching Italian language and culture to foreign students.
The school accepts a limited number of students and this guarantees a high quality educational offer and continuous assistance to the needs of students, all in a pleasantly familiar atmosphere. In addition, OrbitLingua offers a rich program of afternoon activities made up of seminars, excursions and fun evenings that allow students to discover the different aspects of Italian culture. OrbitLingua offers the opportunity to study the Italian language and culture in an ideal environment to relax and enjoy the sun, the sea, and the enchanting beaches of Tuscany.


The “LinguaTerramare” Center for Italian Language and Culture has lived since 1986 in the historic center of Orbetello, a lagoon city on the Tyrrhenian Sea, carrying out a wide range of courses and trips of Italian language and culture in Tuscany and Sardinia. Students of all levels of language proficiency can participate, at any time of the year, choosing from the "Standard", "Special" and "Extraordinary" categories.
The course programs, intended for small groups of 3-6 students, combine language practice and exploration of the territory: linguistic activities carried out with communicative methods that start from gradual exposure to texts in "authentic" language, and alternate with moments of interaction and comparison between students, in class lessons, to find complement in the daily excursions in the coastal natural parks; in cities and art exhibitions, and in participation in cultural events and recreational meetings. In these extracurricular activities, the communicative experience in the classroom finds opportunities for practical application in real contexts in which the student verifies the effectiveness of their performance in everyday Italian.


ALIA – Accademia Lingua Italiana Assisi
Since 1993, the Assisi Italian Language Academy has received students from all over the world. The Italian language course in person or in a virtual classroom includes thematic lessons (music, art, restoration, diction, seminars and meetings with experts and professionals from various sectors), extracurricular activities and guided excursions in Italian. At the end of the course, students receive the number of training credits corresponding to the course attended and a certificate of attendance is issued along with an evaluation sheet on language skills. The Academy is the exam venue for the following certification exams: CILS, PLIDA and RomaTre, preparation for certification exams is free.
The Academy's professors have university training and many years of experience, they are also examiners and interviewers for the CILS, PLIDA and RomaTre certification exams.


Language is never the same as itself, language is creativity, imagination and spontaneity. Each lesson at Artelingua is a cultural experience, full of stimuli and inventiveness. Artelingua was born from the university research experience and brings together many other creative and original experiences in teaching a foreign language. It welcomes specialized and certified teachers, coordinates their training and continuous updating based on the most modern teaching methods and European and international standards.


CLI, the International Language Center for Italian, is an associative school which, by statute, deals exclusively with Italian language and culture. The center, affiliated with the Dante Alighieri Society, organizes Italian language courses and Italian L2 lessons, Italian culture workshops for everyone, official PLIDA Italian certification exams. Since 2012, the CLI has been working in close collaboration with the InClasse school, offering the best to those who want to have an immersive linguistic and cultural experience, both individually and for groups. The center deals with exchanges with the whole world to facilitate cultural tourism directed to Italy, and offers a welcoming school that is a "home of the Italian" in the center of Verona, a city of art, where people make the difference. . Professionalism, enthusiasm and empathy among teachers, dynamic and engaging lessons and activities to participate in, as well as a network of host members for those who want to live with and like Italians.


Easy Italian Language & Art
Easy Italian Language & Art, school of Italian language and culture in Venice is a dynamic reality and its director is always looking for new cultural proposals that have the aim of involving students and speeding up their learning times of the Italian language. . The teachers are in possession of certifications and masters in teaching Italian to foreigners, have considerable teaching experience and use modern and creative teaching techniques also linked to singing and body movement, such as Total Physical Singing Response (TPSR) designed by the school director. The Venice school works towards objectives, in order to always satisfy the students' requests. Easy Italian Language & Art is characterized by a very varied educational offer because in addition to group Italian courses, individual, in the classroom it also offers entirely open-air courses aimed at making the beautiful city of Venice known in more depth: a experience that allows students to improve their knowledge of the Italian language and at the same time to experience a unique emotion by staying in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Idea Verona
The Idea Verona Study Center welcomes students from more than 30 countries each year, eager to learn the Italian language and curious to see and experience how Bel Paese is lived. Idea Verona has been in business since 1998, is open all year round and has been the PLIDA Certification Center of the Dante Alighieri Society since 2010. With experienced, qualified and constantly updated mother tongue teachers, through a dynamic methodology based on the communicative teaching approach, it offers:
L2 individual, collective and online courses from pre-A1 to C2 level, ad hoc programs for groups or students with special needs, university programs for semesters and summer programs, preparation courses for certification exams. Particular attention is paid to teaching opera singers the language of the Opera and during the opera season it promotes evenings in the Arena and meetings with the artists present in Verona.


The InClasse school of Italian language and culture for foreigners is located in the historic center of Verona and offers group, individual and online Italian courses to students of all ages and all nationalities. In addition to the Italian language course, students can participate in numerous activities including tastings, cooking classes, excursions and guided tours.


L’Italiano con noi
L’Italiano con noi is an Italian language and culture school located in Verona. Italian with us is the school for those who see in the comparison between cultures the opportunity to look at the world from a different perspective, broadening their horizons on themselves and on others. The Italian language school is a real laboratory of ideas where highly qualified people use different methodologies and create original materials with a single purpose, to teach how to communicate in Italian in a fun and effective way. L'Italiano con noi offers a wide range of Italian language courses for all language levels and courses on Italian culture: city tours, cooking lessons, lessons on wine, cinema, Italian art and opera . Finally, the school is a refresher and training center for L2 Italian teachers.

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