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Best Italian Language School in Rome - Native Teachers and Tutors

Lithuania Rasa: 5 stars!

I highly recommend this school! I loved the way they teach italian - the teacher speaks and explains every word ONLY in italian. 


Firstly, it was hard for me to understand it, but only this method helped me to learn italian faster and not to be lost in translation. Teachers are very friendly, helpful and what's the most important thing - well educated, well experienced. 5 STARS for sure! Amazing!

Ukraine Oleksii: Italian Lessons at Kappa

I am extremely pleased to write this letter in support of Kappa Language School. I highly recommend this school for foreigners who are willing to study Italian in friendly and comfortable environment.


School is located in the center of Rome not far from Coliseum and can be reached easily by metro, bus or tram. Teachers have a positive attitude and excellent communication skills. They always ready to answer questions from individuals, and have very patient approach, which is very helpful. In addition, they are extremely organized, professional in all aspects of teaching, reliable and highly responsible persons. Italian lessons are compiled using qualitative material and designed for different knowledge levels. Moreover lessons are conducted in a small group classes, designed to maximize student's learning potential. In summary, it is my pleasure to endorse Kappa Language School which provides high quality lessons with affordable price.

Mexico Teo: ottima scuola!

Sono stato per due mesi nel corso d’italiano di Kappa e sono riuscito a imparare abbastanza bene l’italiano. Le lezioni sono molto interattive, la durata di due ore sembra sempre molto di meno e comunque si impara benissimo la grammatica e vocabolario utile nel italiano.


Pure i maestri insegnano tutto quello che ogni studente ha bisogno dipendendo della sua età, professione ecc. Ci sono anche delle attività fuori della sala come passeggiate o aperitivi dove si coesiste tra di tutti e si ha un tempo divertente. Un’altra cosa molto importante e che si trova in un posto molto raggiungibile con la metro e vicinissimo al bel Colosseo. Non manca dire che tutti i professori sono bravissimi come insegnanti e come persone, sono diventati miei amici! Saluti Kappa, e magari ci incontriamo un'altra volta!

Turkmenistan Bahar: great!

Great location, amazing, supportive and cool teachers!!! Makes learning more fun and easy to get.

B1 Italian Language Class in Rome

Paraguay Gissela: Lo recomiendo!

Una escuela estupenda,con profesores magnificos,el modo de ensenanza que tienen es eficaz. Se aprende rapidicimo y te tratan como en famila. LO RECOMIENDO

Turkey Zeynep: harika!

Giorni bellissimi a Roma, veramente un bella esperienza! Her sey için çok tesekkur ederim!

Canada James: highly recommended!

It was my first experience with Kappa Language School and I was in the beginners' group.


The teachers was friendly, experienced and created a welcoming environment. Moreover, after language classes there were afternoon and evening activities. By the end of my course I could communicate in Italian... Highly recommended!

Italian Language Students enjoying Italian Christmas Party in Rome

France Anne-Sophie: je raccomande!

École sérieuse avec de très bon professeurs je recommande!

England John: fantastic

It was the first time I attended Italian classes and I was surprised with the quality of teaching. Fantastic job!

Netherlands Jochem: my school in Rome

I very much enjoyed the lessons at the Kappa Language School.


I felt that the teachers were very involved with the students and they were also very flexible in adapting lesson to the needs of every individual student. Also I found there was an excellent balance between the time spend on theory/grammar and speaking exercises.

Japan 洋子: ずっと忘れません!

カッパ・ランゲージ・スクールはとてもいい学校です。先生たちは親切だし、忍耐強いです。いろいろなイタリア語の勉強ができて、すごく役に立ちました。 カッパ・ランゲージ・スクールはでの生活、ずっと忘れません! 洋子、日本

 Italian Language Course for Aupairs in Rome

United States Marnie: thank you!

Thank you Kappa for a wonderful summer language program.


We appreciate your willingness to fit my two boys and me into the correct level. In addition to the language classes, we loved the field trips with Borgolingua! Speriamo di tornare presto! Abbiamo avuto un tempo fantastico. Grazie mille!

United States Angela: a full immersion in Italian language and culture

Viaggiando attraverso l’Italia, qualche mese fa, ero alla ricerca di una scuola per rafforzare il mio italiano e ottenere in qualche pratica a diventare più fluente nel parlare la lingua.


Come fortuna ha voluto che mi sono imbattuto la Scuola Kappa e Alessia y Non posso esprimere abbastanza gratitudine per Alessia e Kappa per la calorosa accoglienza nella scuola. I enrolled in one-on-one tutoring sessions, with Kappa, and from Day 1, was immersed in the language and culture of Italy. My instructor was an excellent Teacher, patient in building real-life experiences into the translation of words and phrases; which made it much easier, to not only remember the translations, but to identify with Italian Language and culture, through my own experiences while vacationing in Roma! At the end of each, daily session, I left with worksheets which allowed me to apply what I learned during class, to my time out-and-about, enjoying the City of Roma! Kappa School is now a permanent fixture, when visiting Rome! Not only is Kappa a great School, the Staff are genuinely kind, compassionate, professional and good-hearted individuals!

China 张楠: 还有各等级证书考试!


Italian Language Classes for High School Italian Language Students in Rome

Netherlands Kimmo: grazie di tutto!

Grazie a tutta l'équipe per questa settimana di lezioni private che sono state molto utili per migliorare la mia comprensione dell'italiano allo stesso tempo che ho potuto approfondire le mie conoscenze su temi di attualità!

Austria Florin: everything was great

Very good school, with good and friendly teacher. Everything was great.

Turkey Cem: great school!

Kappa is a great school with a very central location.


Effective teaching techniques are used with every minute of the lessons well filled. They have competitive prices and specific courses for specific needs. Eg. exam preparation. Highly recommended. 5 stars!

Spain Antoni: recomendada!

Buona scuola per migliorare l'italiano e prepararsi bene per l'esame di livello. Con dei bravi insegnanti che sanno benissimo come aiutare ad ogni studente secondo le loro difficoltà.

Ukraine Галина: Прекрасна школа!

Мені дуже сподобалися дружня атмосфера та викладання. Зокрема Флавія - просто неймовірний викладач!


Окрім звичайних правил граматики та мовної практики, вона завжди давала ще історичні довідки з італійської та пояснення до сучасного сленгу. Неймовірно цікаво. Завдяки цій школі можу після 4х місяців навчання з нуля практично вільно спілкуватися. Дякую вам!:)

Germany Paulina: Mit Spaß italienisch lernen

Ich bin nun schon seit 3 Monaten an der Kappa-Language-School. Und gehe immer noch mit viel Freude Tag für Tag hin.


Von der ersten Stunde an wird ausschließlich Italienisch gesprochen. Die Klassen sind ein Mix aus Au-Pairs, Studenten und Ausländern die nach Rom gezogen sind. Es werden ebenfalls sehr viele extra Aktivitäten von der Schule angeboten, wie zum Beispiel ein Sprachaustausch um Italienisch zu praktizieren oder Wochenendtrips. Außerdem werden Kurse mit 10 Wochenstunden Angeboten welches auch beglaubigt wird und somit perfekt für die Kindergeldbeantragung ist. Dem hinzu kommt noch das es einer der günstigsten Schulen ist. (Man kann auch verschiedene Zahlungsmöglichkeiten wählen) Ich kann Kappa und deren witzige und junge Lehrer nur empfehlen:)!

United States Andrea: great place!

This is a great place to study Italian, and I highly recommend it!


The teachers are all really fun, and they really care about your progress. You very quicky become friends with your classmates, and the teachers and spend your time with them outside of class at aperitifs where you can practice your Italian with local romans! Its a great learning environment!

Australia Brooke: 5 star language school!

I commenced as an absolute beginner and have progressed quickly due to the talented teachers who work at Kappa.


They have patience, show guidance and provide support in a small class environment. Great location that is close to the metro and bus lines too. Highly recommend!

England Kitty: Kappa is great!

Everyone that works here is super lovely and I have never learnt so fast before!

International Lunch in Rome with Italian Language Students

Germany Silvana: recommended

I can really recommend this school, since I had a lot of good experiences with it.


The teachers are very nice, young and motivated and the classes are quite small. It's easy to get to know new people there, because they are not just offering the lessons, but also different activities in the evening (Aperitivo). Thanks!

Ukraine Olga: very satisfied

I am very satisfied with the month course I attended at the Kappa school, and for sure, when I decide to prolong my studying I will choose again this school.


Having chosen Kappa school among several popular schools in Rome I can confirm Kappa to be the best equilibrium of quality and price, creative and modern teaching, providing more personal approach in non-overcrowded groups in the comfortable ambient! Sono veramente bravi! Good luck to everybody on your hard but pleasant way of studying and teaching this beautiful language!

Carnival Party in Rome at Italian Language School

United States Alfredo: 5 stelle!

I highly recommend this school to anyone learning Italian.


I was there for three weeks this summer, and Livio, my instructor, was top notch. Looking forward to next time. Cinque Stelle!

Lebanon Nabila: very good

I have attended Kappa Language School for 6 months. Good stuff and good service for the students, with a very good teacher.

United States Christina: awesome!

The teachers at this school are awesome!!! They all care about their student's language growth and deliver high quality instruction.


I recommend this school to anyone looking to learn Italian or advance their Italian language skills.

Chile Luis: wonderful people

These are wonderful people. From the staff to the faculty, you feel that they give you their best.


Everybody is very professional and treat you with great respect throughout your experience as a student.

Armenia Irena: now I can speak!

I have been attending the Italian classes at Kappa Language School since December. 


Taking into consideration the fact that I did not know a single word in Italian since I have arrived in Italy, now I can say that I can speak and understand basic things... in such a short period of time! thanks to the school teachers and their unique technique...

Learn Italian with Cooking classes in the heart of Rome

Denmark Linea: central location

Nice central location and very good teachers here at Kappa!

United States Seyed: young, motivated, knowledgeable, cheerful

If you are serious about learning basic correct Italian, you need to try this school.


They are a young motivated, knowledgeable, cheerful bunch who take their trade seriously and proudly. Not to mention that their tuitions are much more reasonable that the others.

United States Louis: I hope to return soon

Kappa is a fantastic language school run by a passionate group of young and energetic professors.


The teachers are knowledgeable, the classes are small, the location is central and the price is unbeatable. In addition to providing engaging classes Kappa also plans a wide variety of activities outside of the school that are actually fun, the kind of social events you actually want to go to rather than awkward language exchanges in dark Irish pubs. I really have zero complaints about Kappa and hope to return to Rome soon to continue my Italian language studies here. The professors feel like friends and my Italian has improved faster at Kappa than other larger schools due to the smaller class sizes. Don't bother with the larger well known schools, Kappa is where it's at.

Halloween party during Italian Language Classes in Rome

Sweden Sara: relaxed vibe

Great language school with great teachers!


It's located in Monti which is a super cosy area in Rome, the vibe is relaxed and playful. I definitely recommend it!

Lebanon Chadi: wonderful

A wonderful school in the heart of Rome, welcoming environment and professional and friendly staff.

Mexico Michelle: I love it

I really love attending the lessons, the teachers are really passionate and very nice, I can say I have learnt so much during these two weeks.


The atmosphere Is lovely, the staff makes you feel as if you were at home, always helpful and with a smile. The school Is perfectly located, very close to important places and the most important thing: you learn and live the Italian lifestyle! L❤️Ve Kappa Language School!

New Zealand Susan: grazie mille!

I have been struggling with learning Italian, but the Kappa lessons have made it seriously enjoyable, and I'm understanding so much more! Grazie mille!

Brazil Madson: Roma and Kappa, the Great Beauty!

Kappa language School is definetely an amazing learning center which I totally recommed.


The school is located in a very central area of Rome, close to most important monuments in a very pleasant location. The school is cozy, comfortable and has nice facilities to facilitate students´ learning. Teachers and coordinators are very gentle and enthusiastic and they promote a very friendly learning atmosphere. In addition to that, school staff makes you feel at home and are always helpful and attentive. As for the method, learning Italian becomes so natural and pleasant that everyone can master the language in a very positive way. In addition to the superb classes, the school provides cooking encounters and chit chat moments in Rome´s bars so that students get acquainted with the Italian language itself and culture as much as their particular way of life. For all that, I really thank every person in Kappa School that made my stay in Rome unique and unforgettable. It was one of the best choices I have made. All in all, I give Kappa Language School my highest recommendation and hope more people have the same amazing learning experience just like me. Roma and Kappa, the Great Beauty!