We dream of a world without borders or barriers, where knowledge is free to pass from one person to another, country to country, where people have the freedom to move and discover the beauty of the world. We believe that diversity is the purest and most wonderful display of life and that by embracing this we are able to share our own cultural values. The best way to get to get to know another culture is by learning a language, which is the natural vehicle of cultural knowledge and identity. Teaching a language is an act of love: to us, teaching Italian, means discovering this Great hidden Beauty. Every day we find this beauty in every single word our students learn.

Our approach

  • Dynamic, qualified and open minded Italian teachers
  • Flexible schedules to fit each student's needs
  • A warm, caring, student-centered environment
  • We use the CLT approach (Communicative Language Teaching) to learn by doing in order to acquire communicative competencies and explore Italian culture

Our offer

  • Italian language courses for all profiles and levels
  • Small, tailor made group lessons
  • Officially recognized Italian language proficiency exams (PLIDA, CELI)
  • Cultural activities to explore Italian lifestyle
  • Social events to practice Italian and mingle with our international student body
  • The school

    Kappa Language School was born from the initiative of a group of young linguists and teachers who has been working passionately in the teaching of the Italian language for foreigners for years and has been from the 2012 PLIDA Certification Center and a member of the Dante Alighieri Society’s Network.

    A friendly environment, young and prepared teaching staff, competitive prices: Kappa Language School is the best choice for those who want to study in Rome and learn Italian.

    “A true italian experience!”

  • Method

    Our mission is to help students from all over the world learn Italian and communicate through fun and effective methods of teaching, in a family environment that makes the experience of learning light and stimulating. Our innovative and exclusive method is based on the communicative approach for action-oriented teaching and for a complete and fast learning of both the language and the Italian culture. Italian lessons are held in small groups with custom syllable to learn Italian language.

    In addition, in order to meet the needs of each individual student we offer maximum flexibility of dates and times.

  • Goals

    Italian lessons, held by native speakers, aim at the development of all language skills (written and oral comprehension, written and oral production), with particular emphasis on enhancing communication skills. The school offers Italian courses for all levels and profiles, intensive courses, private lessons, skype lessons to obtain the PLIDA and CELI Certificates, essential when applying for long-term residence permits.

  • School activities

    Lessons are often combined with guided tours and live events, both in Rome and in the city surroundings, in order to promote the knowledge of Italian culture and lifestyle.

Discover the school

Our Italian Language School is located in Via del Boschetto, 32, in the heart of one of the most historic neighbourhoods of Rome, the Rione Monti.
The buldings that hosts all our Italian language courses is an elegant historical mansion located in the center of the old City, amongst striking alleys and breathtaking views of the most famous monuments of the Eternal City.

Our priviledged location allows our students to estabilish a deep connection with the real life of the city, for we firmly believe that it is impossible to learn Italian without being sorrounded by the Great Beauty that this wonderful language carries.


Our Italian Language School Staff consists in young and highly qualified native Italian Language teachers (all graduated and DITALS certified).

Enrico Piciarelli
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I graduated in Italian Language and Literature at the “Roma Tre” University, I teach Italian to foreigners since 2009 and I became School Director at the Kappa Language School in 2014. I am a lot into sci-fi literature and punk music.
Languages: Italian, English, Turkish.

Alessia Accorrà
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Graduated in Italian Studies at “La Sapienza” University,  I have attained DITALS Certificate for teaching Italian as a Second and Foreign Language and since then I have been teaching Italian to foreigners. I love traveling, discovering new places and cultures and I hit the road as I can!
Languages: Italian, English, Japanese.

Flavia Funari
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I graduated in Linguistics and Sociolinguistics at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” in 2012 and in 2014 I attained the DITALS Certification. I love traveling and sports, especially football!
Languages: Italian, English.

Paola Polidori
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I graduated in Ancient Literature and in 2008 I attained the DITALS Certification and started teaching Italian to foreigners. I adore reading and hiking.
Lingue: italiano, inglese.

Martina Minichiello
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I graduated in Oriental Studies in 2012, and in the same year I attained the DITALS II Certification. I’ve been teaching Italian to foreigners since 2010. I love everything related to Eastern cultures.
Languages: Italian, Chinese, English, Spanish.

Maria Fusco
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I graduated in Classical Litterature at the “Federico II” University of Naples. In 2008 I have attained my Ph.D. in Semiotics at University of Siena, after a visiting doctoral reserach at Freie Universität of Berlin. In 2009 I have attained DITALS Certificate for teaching Italian as a Second and Foreign Language. Since then I started my teaching career and meanwhile I carried on my job as a researcher. Now I collaborate with the Chair of Philosophy of Language at “Sapienza” University and I work as italian teacher online.
Languages: Italian, English, German.


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