Learn Italian words: lo sport in italiano (e in Italia)

What is the Italian for “sport”? Well, you don’t need to study abroad in Italy to know this: it is, simply, sport (both in its singular and plural form, as
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Learn Italian Words: i mezzi di trasporto

Learning how to speak Italian is easier… if you travel to Italy! Yeah, I know, this sounds like an open secret. But really, learning how to speak Italian can be
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Everybody likes “mi piace”!

Learning Italian can be challenging, especially when you have to get your head around the endless grammatical rules. Honestly, how many of you had difficulty trying to understand the verb
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10 very useful Italian idioms… explained through emoticons!

How long | 2 minutes Understanding and using properly Italian idioms can often be a hard challenge for those who want to learn Italian, even when going through an Italian
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An Italian movie to get you started

How long? 1 minute Are you an Erasmus student here in Italy? Or maybe you are here because you are fascinated by the Italian culture. ‘But where to begin?’ 🤔
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Learn Italian words: i segnali stradali

I bet many of you are coping with Italian traffic, and I am well aware that driving in Italy can sometimes be a nightmare because Italians… well, let’s just say
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