10 Almost Unknown Pleasures of Rome (and of its surroundings)

Travel websites and blogs have certainly fed you up with hints and tips about the beauties of the Eternal City. Surely Rome can offer inimitable landmarks, breathtaking views and astonishing
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Learn Italian Words: gli strumenti musicali in italiano!

Have we told you that Italian is the language of art and music? Of course we did, as this is one of the most renowed points of pride of the
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Learn Italian Words: gli attrezzi da lavoro in italiano

Naming things in Italian can be quite a challenge, especially when it comes to Italian technical vocabulary. This is exactly why most of the Italian language courses you can find
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Close encounters with Italian culture & habits (or, “It’s not rude, it’s just cultural!”)

Italy, when seen from abroad, can look like a wonderland, and Italian Culture as a lovely collection of old-fashioned, genuine habits that contribute to create a unique atmosphere. Yet, every
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Learn Italian words: how to tell time in Italian!

“Che ore sono?” How many times you’ve been asked this specific question and panicked because you didn’t remember how to tell time in Italian? In fact, being able to tell
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Learn Italian words: il treno dell’anno, names of the months in Italian

Learning the names of the months and the seasons in a foreign language often seems a no-brainer, but it’s actually one of the most difficult challenges for a student at a
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